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16 April 2020Islamic Art : Exploring the Decorative Arts of the Islamic World
21 May 2020“Cleopatra: the Most Womanly of Women and the Most Queenly of Queens”
18 June 2020Photography as Fine Art
17 September 2020“A Brief Story of Wine”
15 October 2020“Thomas Heatherwick”
12 November 2020 “Art in the Garden of God: a New Look at Dutch Painting”
09 December 2020Christmas with Giles, Grandma & the Family
21 January 2021The Healing Power of Plants
18 February 2021Caravaggio: Rebel on the Run
18 March 2021When Britain Clicked: Photography of the Swinging Sixties
15 April 2021 The Architecture of Mughal India: Palaces, Mosques, Gardens, Mausoleums
20 May 2021The Art of 1935
17 June 2021Magnificent Mosaics: Windows into the Colourful Roman World

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Islamic Art : Exploring the Decorative Arts of the Islamic World Christopher Bradley Thursday 16 April 2020

Please note that this Lecture has been cancelled and rearranged for:

June 17th. 2021