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05 April 2020an exploration of Botticelli's Venus and Mars"
19 March 2020“John Piper: Master of Diversity”
20 February 2020The Role of the Arts in Germany's Postwar Culture of Apology and Atonement
16 January 2020“The Queen of Instruments: the Lute in Old Master Paintings”
11 December 2019From Rag Dolls to Robots: A World History of Toys
14 November 2019Poet in Paint: the Art and Life of Paul Nash 1887-1946
17 October 2019Modern Art & the Old Masters: the New Approach to Familiar Themes in 20th Century Art
19 September 2019Undressing Antiques
20 June 2019Georgia O'Keeffe & Her Unique Artistic Vision
16 May 2019The Punch & Judy Show: A Subversive Symbol from Commedia Dell' Arte to the Present Day
18 April 2019A Tour of Big Ben
21 March 2019The Glories of Byzantium AD 330 - 1453
21 February 2019The Rivalry between Leonardo and Michelangelo
17 January 2019' Passionate Potters '- William de Morgan to Bernard Leach
12 December 2018Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish
15 November 2018250 Years of the Royal Academy
18 October 2018Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
20 September 2018“The Sincerest Form of Flattery”: Great Images and Those Who borrow Them
21 June 2018Stained Glass 1180 – 1960
17 May 20183 Great Families and their Gardens
19 April 2018Hockney at 80: Britain's Greatest Living Artist
15 March 2018Children's Book Illustrations
15 February 2018Art and Architecture in Docklands - Past and Present
18 January 2018Sunflowers and Lumiere: the Art of Vincent van Gogh
13 December 2017The Adoration of the Magi: from Catacomb to Christmas card, who were the Wise Men of Christian Art?
16 November 2017Eric Ravilious: A Life in Pictures
19 October 2017Here's One They Prepared Earlier
21 September 2017The Honourable East India Company: East - West Trade 1600-1800, Chinese Export and Chinoiserie
15 June 2017From Pageant to Pop; The History of Music in London
18 May 2017Riviera Paradise: Art, Design and Pleasure in the 1920s
20 April 2017The Wilton Diptych Enigma
16 March 2017Pots and Frocks: the World of Grayson Perry. From Essex Potter to Superstar National Treasure.
16 February 2017Furnishing the Arts and Crafts House: William Morris and his Contemporaries
19 January 2017The Mystery of Holbein's "Ambassadors"
14 December 2016Mrs Beeton's Christmas
17 November 2016Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
20 October 2016Gothic Revival*
15 September 2016The Art and many Crafts of Medieval Manuscripts
16 June 2016The Elgin Marbles: A History of Meaning
19 May 2016The Dollar Princesses*
21 April 2016The Historic Organs of the City of London Churches
17 March 2016Artists and the Theatre
18 February 2016Architects as Designers
21 January 2016Cotman in Normandy*
09 December 2015The Art of Magic
19 November 2015Robert Adam’s Practice in London
15 October 2015Sandro Botticelli: Painter of Florence.

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an exploration of Botticelli's Venus and Mars" Sian Walters Sunday 05 April 2020

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