23 April 2020Vist to the Inns of Court - discover the secret world of legal London
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Vist to the Inns of Court - discover the secret world of legal London
Thursday 23 April 2020

Our 2020 London Walk is a Step into History:

It has been said that there is nowhere else on earth quite like London's four Inns of Court.

Explore All Four Inns of Court visiting Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Middle Temple  and Inner Temple.


Our tour of the Inns of Court is a true time travellers odyssey that criss-crosses the centuries to give you a genuine insight into the history of each enchanted enclave whilst, at the same time, introducing you to many of the traditions, customs and rituals that still play a major role in the everyday business of the Inns as a whole.


History of The Legal System We trace the origins and the history of the English Legal system

Legal Anecdotes You will hear lots of anecdotes about famous barristers past and present.

Legal Traditions You will discover the traditions of the Inns of Court and of the Legal system

Tickets at £32 will be available at the February Meeting - if you would like a ticket but can't be at the February meeting then email Kate Gooding on to reserve your place.