Church Recorders make a detailed description of everything found within a Church or other place of worship. This includes, for example, stonework, windows, monuments, textiles, metalwork and woodwork. The history of the items is researched, photographs are taken and drawings are made.

All the information is compiled into a book - the Church Record. Copies are lodged in several national archives and one is presented to the Church. A wonderful research resource contributing to knowledge of our cultural and artistic heritage.

Guildford Wey Valley Church Recorders have recorded Holy Trinity Church and St Mary's Church Guildford in the recent past.

In December 2016 the group also completed the Record of St Nicholas Church, Compton.  On 4th December the completed Church Record was presented to the Church at a service conducted by the vicar, Rev Caroline Burnett.  Councillor Gordon Jackson, Mayor of Guildford, was also present at the service.

The Guildford Wey Valley DFAS members of the Group, led by Gillian Kendal, were: Gillian & Peter Kendal, Mary Howard, Elizabeth Cox, Sarah Stevenson, Jean Hodges, Priscilla Dobbs and John Adams.  They were helped by some members from other local Societies.

Although our own Church Recording Group is in abeyance at present, we do have members who are continuing to represent us, working with other Societies in this really worthwhile work on recording projects.  We are also planning to prepare some Church Trails for children at other local churches, for which we are seeking volunteers.

If you are interested in this area of voluntary work, please speak to Joan Clifford or send her an email using our contact page