The Vision of Young Arts is to provide equality of opportunity for all to learn through participation in the arts.

Guildford Wey Valley Young Arts representatives have formed excellent relationships with Green Oak Primary School, Godalming and Watts Gallery, Compton. This began 4-5 years ago, when a small grant from our society enabled children from the school to attend a workshop at Watts Gallery. At that time facilities for art education at the school were minimal and the childrens' experience of art galleries limited.

 Since then a transformation has been achieved. The school now has a dedicated art classroom and art education is an established part of the curriculum. The Watts Gallery workshops have become an annual event and the children have enthusiastically gained skills and confidence.

We hope these very productive relationships will continue and thank members for their support of this worthwhile project.

If you are interested in this area of voluntary work, please speak to Joan Clifford or send her an email using our contact page