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02 April 2020 “Turner vs. Constable – The Great British Paint – Off”.
26 November 2020“Are you sitting comfortably : History of the Chair from Ancient to Modern Times”.

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“Turner vs. Constable – The Great British Paint – Off”. Nicola Moorby Thursday 02 April 2020


Start 1030 Finish 1500

This is the story of the epic rivalry between the two giants of British Art : J.M.W.Turner and John Constable. As different in background and temperament as their paintings were in style, these two creative geniuses transformed the art of landscape painting. This Study Day sets them head- to -head and examines their differences and their similarities. But who will ultimately be crowned star painter?  As well as providing the answer and an overview of Turner and Constable, the day also provides an enjoyable overview of the British Art World during the 19th century.


Nicola Moorby is an independent art historian specialising in British Art of the 19th and early twentieth centuries. Formerly a curator at Tate Britain, Nicola has curated a number of exhibitions and is an acknowledged expert on J M.W.Turner. She is co- editor and author of "How to Paint Like Turner" and co-author of  the Tate catalogue of works by the Camden Town Group.

The works illustrated are:The City of Utrecht, 64, Going to Sea, 1832, by JMW Turner( The Bridgeman Art Library) and The Opening of Waterloo Bridge ('Whitehall Stairs, June 18th, 1817), by John Constable (Tate, London).

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